Uniquely Ordinary

MHAFC is excited to share that we’ve partnered with a local mental health awareness building movement called Uniquely Ordinary.  

Uniquely Ordinary creates space for difficult conversations. 

Uniquely Ordinary (UO) began with the belief that telling our stories about depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses can help us feel less alone. UO events provide platforms for stories about mental illness while raising money for essential care resources. 

UO hosts a variety of events that benefit MHAFC, including art galleries, craft markets, and music shows. Each event is designed to encourage attendees to share their mental health journey with our staff, participating artists, and other attendees. 

Sharing your mental health story and asking for help are not easy conversations. Uniquely Ordinary believes that while we are all unique, mental illness is far too ordinary. And, unfortunately, open and honest conversations about mental illness are not commonplace enough. We exist to promote safe spaces for these conversations. 

We understand that therapy is an important step in the recovery process. But there are other essential treatment resources. Our event profits go to providing:

Uniquely Ordinary has been encouraging real conversations and increasing awareness around mental illnesses since 2015.