Support Groups

Connect With Others Who Understand

When we’re struggling, it’s helpful to talk to others who’ve been through similar experiences—sometimes even like instant relief to meet people who really “get it.”

MHAFC sponsors groups designed to support people struggling directly with various mental health challenges, as well as groups for their families and loved ones. 

Where student observers are permitted, they may only attend if they have completed the Student Observer Questionnaire, made advance arrangements with Brandi at 614-221-1441 and agree to the strict observation guidelines.

Here’s a list of what we have to offer in Franklin County:


For people who live with various levels of anxiety to receive support and learn stress-reduction skills.


Provides valuable support and education for people living with depression.


For people living with bipolar disorder to connect, find validation, and learn new coping strategies.


For pregnant and postpartum women addressing issues related to maternal mental health.


Provides valuable coping strategies for people living with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Voices Worth Hearing

Open to people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or other disorders with symptoms of psychosis.

Peer Recovery Supporter Group

A group to provide a safe, confidential space to share professional and personal challenges.

Families In Touch

Support for friends and family members of adults living with mental illness.

Common Questions About Attending Support Groups

We know attending a support group for the first time can be a little intimidating!

If you are new to MHAFC’s groups, see our answers to these common concerns below:

Just Show Up
You don’t have to pre-register or pay; you can just show up. But we do recommend checking our events calendar or calling our office to confirm the meeting hasn’t been cancelled. (614-221-1441)

Share What You Want
You don’t have to share a lot of information the first time, or ever. But, it IS a confidential and safe space to do so when you’re ready. Remember, your story is valuable and sharing helps not only you, but the group too.

Welcoming Groups
It may feel a little risky to attend a meeting for the first time. Our groups are led by facilitators who know how to keep the group welcoming, focused and respectful.

Learn From Each Other
You won’t be overwhelmed with advice or “assignments” at our groups, but you will get to learn from each other’s experiences and receive empathic responses.

Many Resources
Some meetings are led by mental health professionals who can share knowledge about Central Ohio’s mental healthcare system. All meetings provide you with access to materials that will lead you to other resources around town.

Format of Group Meetings
The format of most of our groups looks like this: group opens with a chance for everyone to introduce themselves and perhaps answer a “check-in” question (e.g., How was your week?), and then people take turns sharing current concerns/asking questions.  Some groups have a short reading from a secular, mental health resource by the facilitator or a group member. (And, in some cases, there are even snacks!)

By attending one group, you are under no obligation to attend future groups. But we generally recommend at least two or three visits to really benefit from the experience.