Mental Health Month 2016

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May is Mental Health Month

Clinical terms are the words used by doctors and other professionals to describe the symptoms of a disorder, but often times those words don’t do justice to what life with a mental illness feels like. We know that two people with the same diagnosis can experience the same symptom and describe it in very different ways. Let’s take fear for example: Jamie describes fear as being scared to the point of feeling paralyzed, while Andre describes fear as an overwhelming urge to run away. It can be confusing and sometimes contribute to ongoing silence or hesitation to get help. It’s important for people to talk about how it feels to live with a mental illness.

This May, MHAFC as part of our national initiative,  is calling on you to share what life with a mental illness feels like by tagging your social media posts with #mentalillnessfeelslike. Posting with our hashtag is a way to speak up, to share your point of view with people who may be struggling to explain what they are going through—and help others figure out if they too are showing signs of a mental illness. Sharing is the key to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and to showing others that they are not alone in their feelings and their symptoms.

By using the toolkit materials, you will help members of your community:

  • Understand how common mental illnesses are and what it is like to live with them, reducing stigma;
  • Start talking about mental health B4Stage4;
  • Assess their own mental health through use of MHA’s screening tools; and
  • Share their personal experience with mental illness by tagging social media posts with #mentalillnessfeelslike, or uploading content directly to MHA’s website at

Learn More about May is Mental Health Month and consider sharing your own experiences.