MHAFC employs Central Ohio’s only full-time, mental health Ombudsman.

If you are a client or family member who receives mental health or alcohol/drug services or if you are in need of help, we offer the services of an Ombudsman. The Ombudsman helps both mental health and alcohol/drug clients who are having difficulties with the services they are receiving.

To contact the Ombudsman, please call LeeAnn Mattes at (614) 242-4357 or email her (link to

The Ombudsman can act as an advocate for clients in the following areas:

  • Listening to concerns or complaints and helping to find a solution.
  • Supplying information about and referral to community resources.
  • Helping clients “get through the system,” especially when they are receiving services from more than one agency.
  • Coaching and teaching clients how to best work with service providers.
  • Assisting clients in resolving their concerns by working with agency staff where the client receives services.
  • Works with client and family advocates, Client Rights Officers, and ADAMH Board agency clinical and management staff to help clients continue to receive quality services.

All client contacts are confidential, unless permission is given otherwise. Callers will receive a response within one business day.

Over 90% of Ombudsman clients reported that the Ombudsman helped them on their road to recovery.

Learn more about the Ombudsman Program.