Advocacy Efforts

A primary focus of MHAFC is advocacy for people living with mental health issues and their families. Our full-time Ombudsman helps individuals and family members navigate the mental health and alcohol/drug system. We also advocate for current mental health legislation that is consistent with our values and advocate for people with mental health issues through enlisting volunteers and speaking on behalf of those who may not have a voice. MHAFC is dedicated to ending the stigma and discrimination against those living with mental health issues through building awareness and understanding.

We help individuals seeking help:

  • sort through the maze of mental health services, both public and private
  • connect with the assessment program at Netcare Corporation, the agency that determines eligibility for community treatment teams, or other agencies such as Advocacy and Protective Services, or Ohio Legal Rights Service
  • connect with a Client Rights Officer if they wish to file a grievance
  • communicate with their mental health center to help clarify any information necessary for optimal treatment
  • obtain in-depth information and educational materials about mental illness

We help family members seeking help:

  • understand confidentiality and its limits
  • learn how to get emergency services in a crisis
  • problem solve when a family member is refusing help
  • connect with support groups and educational programs
  • connect with other community resources
  • obtain in-depth information and educational materials about mental illness