Occumetrics: Assess your workplace wellbeing

Did you know that the overall health of an organization directly impacts employee wellbeing? A well-functioning workplace helps employees thrive, resulting in high retention, morale, engagement and productivity. Through our Occumetrics process, we help businesses and organizations of all sizes assess their overall health through the lens of employee wellbeing and recommend improvements in identified areas of concern.

Many factors impact employee retention, productivity, and engagement. Occumetrics helps agencies quickly identify, understand, and address employee concerns with customized improvements to create an engaged and productive workforce. The three-step process of Occumetrics includes:

Step 1: Assess – Using an evidence-based, in-depth survey and quantitative analysis, the unique causes of employee dissatisfaction within an agency are identified.

Step 2: Engage – Through follow-up focus groups informed by the survey results, a greater understanding of the issues and changes that will positively impact employee satisfaction is established.

Step 3: Change – Findings of the unbiased data analysis are presented, along with recommendations and a customized approach addressing the identified issues. A healthy workplace equals a happy workforce.

One Occumetrics participant, a year after incorporating recommendations, reported a 12% reduction in staff turnover equaling 33 retained employees and saving approximately $266k in employee replacement costs.

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