Support Groups

Connect With Others Who Understand

When you are having a problem, it always helps to talk with others who understand what you are going through. Support groups provide valuable assistance to people with mental illnesses and their family members, whether they need occasional or ongoing help.

MHAFC sponsors several types of support groups in Franklin County including:

For information on other support groups in the community, take a look at our popular Central Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Support Groups handout, or search our online Directory of Mental Health and Recovery Services

Please note: Meeting times are subject to change. Please call to confirm if you have any questions. 

Student observers may attend ONLY if they have made advance arrangements with Brandi at 614-221-1441 or by email and agree to the strict observation guidelines. You will be asked to leave the meeting if you do not have prior permission. Thank you for showing respect to group attendees by complying with this policy.