Potential Clients

MHAFC Provides FREE counseling to qualified individuals.

The Pro Bono Counseling Program links volunteer mental health professionals with those who need but cannot afford mental health counseling. The program’s volunteers are licensed and insured mental health professionals who provide short term counseling (12 sessions or less) at no cost to the recipient.

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The Pro Bono Counseling Program may be right for you, if you are:

  • depressed, anxious
  • grieving over a loved one
  • in a troubled relationship
  • a witness or victim of a crime
  • a military personnel or family member needing support
  • overwhelmed with a diagnosis of a major physical illness
  • an individual with parenting challenges
  • facing problems at work
  • going through a major life transition or having difficulty managing day-to-day life

You may qualify for the Pro Bono Counseling program if you are:

  • uninsured
  • underinsured—those with insurance, however mental health may not be covered, or deductible and/or co-pay is not  affordable for the client to use
  • unable to receive public or private help
  • unable to pay minimum sliding-fee scales
  • unemployed
  • residing in Franklin, Fairfield or Delaware counties

The Pro Bono Counseling Program is not able to serve:

  • individuals with Medicaid, Molina, or CareSource
  • clients under the age of 18, unless they are present in a family session
  • clients with active drug and alcohol addiction/dependency
  • individuals seeking psychiatric assessments
  • individuals seeking documentation to support a disability claim
  • individuals seeking medication or psychiatric services

Individuals who have already been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, such as Major Depression or Bipolar Disorder will have their appropriateness for this program determined on a case-by-case basis.